I don’t know how it happened. The whirlwind that was our autumn has suddenly settled down into a blanket of snow and quiet. It’s been six weeks since surgery and nearly three weeks since the start of chemotherapy. On the farm, most of the busy winter prep work is finished and daily chores have settled into a routine. My husband’s 14 hour days have turned overnight into four hour days, with time now to catch up on all the household maintenance and spend time with the family. I like this time of year.

The tree is up and 21 hand made stockings hang in my living/dining area. I hope to start soon on Christmas baking. We love to carry plates of cookies here and there, and I plan for more than usual this year.

As I look back over my cancer journey, I see seasons there, as well. There was the initial shock and grief of diagnosis, followed by acceptance and impatience to get the process started. Then came surgery and recovery, and the grief of loss. Interspersed throughout were smaller seasons of uncertainty and the unknown–those were the most difficult. Now that we’ve arrived in week three of chemo, there is a season of settling in. When spring approaches, another round of surgery will come with it.

I look forward to summer. Summer is my least favorite time of the year, but this year it will be wonderful. There will be new beginnings and fresh starts. I am hopeful.

For today, I want to embrace the season I’m in. Winter is my favorite, so that is helpful. Chemo is not fun, but it’s so much better than it could be. While I would like to be much more active, I am thankful not to be throwing up all day long. So, today I choose joy and snuggle in, warm and safe. The snow storm that brought us a foot of snow has stopped, and it’s beautiful outside. Church is cancelled. I’ll miss that very much, but God is here with us, not waiting for us in an empty sanctuary. It’ll be a good day.

This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24