People ask “How are you recovering?” Well, I’m recovering. Slowly but surely, I see signs of improvement. Pain management is still very much my main concern, and it’s proving to be a challenge. I understand now that this particular surgery is very painful by nature, and there is only so much that can be done to control the pain. Stacey is finding the same thing. Knowing that doesn’t help us any, but it does make us feel a little less wimpy.

I need help with just about every little thing. Anyone who knows me can imagine how well that goes. I’m getting better, though, at letting my family improve their serve. Pain is a powerful motivator and it forces me to be still and let my body heal, and in turn let others do for me.

Remember the guy from the Blender post? He’s still here, changing my dressings, emptying my drain bulbs, and pretty much handling the front lines of my situation. I could not do this without him. Several times a day he comes in from his work, cleans his hands, dons surgical gloves, and changes from farmer to caregiver. He is so gentle and kind. I praise God daily for this blessing in my life. This is the “for better or for worse” and “in sickness and in heath” part of our marriage vows. As much as I hate that he has to care for me in this way, I’d hate more to have him be the one needing care.

And so we go, one day at a time, finding blessings and challenges on the way.