It’s so quiet tonight. My roommate went home and the floor is calm. I’m staying one more night, in hopes that when I leave I can maintain control of my pain. Typing is hard–everything hurts.

I had a wonderful visit from such a sweet friend–a treasure in my life. My family keeps checking in; my phone doesn’t sit quiet for long. A shower this afternoon was tiring but so nice! Sometimes something as simple as clean hair feels revolutionary and gives one the feeling that things are looking up.

From what little I can see, my chest is not a pretty sight. I haven’t had the courage or the desire to look in a mirror yet. I am told, however, that from a surgical standpoint the work is very well done and looks really nice. I’ll just trust that for now. One day soon I’ll see for myself.

I am anxious to be home in my own space with the people I love best, but tonight I’m grateful for just a little more rest, quiet, and extra care. God bless the nurses and aides who have looked after me so well.