Good For My Heart

Dinner was good for my heart and soul. Thursday was rough, and yesterday I didn’t feel well. We had been invited to fish fry for supper last night, so I rested all day hoping to have the energy to go. I didn’t have the energy. To be honest, I felt awful all the way there and wondered if I should have stayed home.

Once we got to the restaurant and I got a little something in my stomach, I felt better. It was so nice to see our friends and conversation was easy and good. It turned out to be a really great time and I’m so glad we went.

I didn’t realize how little I leave the house for anything other than medical appointments. I do make it to church now and then, but that’s it. With the winter set deeply in and very little social outlet, it’s no wonder I’ve been struggling. I have a little less than a month of chemo left and I think I will help myself by planning places to go and things to do that are just for fun.

Stac and I are both three quarters done with treatment. Daily, we remind one another that we WILL make it. We will get through this. Our individual road maps are etched into our bodies for the rest of this life on earth. We are marked. More than this, though, we are marked for eternity by the One who saved our souls. Though we are passing time and landmarks on this present journey, the real finish line will be when we reach the gates of Heaven, welcomed by the One who has sustained us all this time. What a glorious day that will be! And if I thought dinner out was good for my heart and soul. . .