Taco Bandaids

One thing that has surprised us immensely is that when you have cancer, people give you things. We have received so many gifts over the last few months–everything from gas cards to an elliptical machine.

Our church was wonderful and provided a meal a day for two full weeks after surgery, and people keep asking if we need more. It was such a blessing for people to take time not only to make the meals but deliver them, as well. I’m certain we will accept their generosity again after my next surgery.

We have been given a couple large gifts of money, which have quite literally been life savers. I am unable to work right now and while farming is fulfilling in many ways. . . it’s not always the most lucrative. God is meeting our needs.

My favorite gift of all came in a care package from my lifelong friend. She lives in Houston and mailed the prettiest box with miscellaneous things in it. One of those things was a box of taco shaped bandaids.

Why is this little gift my favorite? I think it’s because I don’t need it, it’s just fun. I like quirky little things like that and Charlene knows me. It’s something that speaks of friendship, relationship, knowing.

I am so grateful for all of the gifts. I hope nobody reading gets me wrong. But somehow gifts that point to the need I have due to cancer are a little different–a little more difficult. Nobody wants to feel like they need charity, and though truly nobody has made us feel like a charity case, we sometimes do it to ourselves. People have simply been led to share what they have and have wanted to bless us. We are so grateful.

Taco bandaids are something nobody ever needs. But they make me smile, and some days I need that very much.


Oh, I have been overwhelmed with gifts. I think my favorite part of each day is hearing from someone or another that they have been thinking of me and praying for me. To feel supported is an amazing thing.

I have received gift cards, gas cards, a recliner (especially wonderful, as I am yet unable to sleep in my bed), and even a piece of exercise equipment that I never dreamed I’d own. That one is a God-story all of its own. My dear, “breast” friend and I have sent things back and forth–how fun that has been! (See the post Meet Stacey).

As wonderful as it is to receive all these things, what have given me strength for each day are all of the notes–handwritten and online–that show I am on someone’s mind. The fact that someone has taken time out of his or her busy day to let me know God has me on His mind is incredible. It is not something I take for granted.

You know those days when someone pops into mind, maybe unexpectedly? Maybe someone you don’t normally find in your daily circle. Maybe someone from long ago. Take it as a nudge and reach out. That person may not be in a life crisis, but she may well be in need of a lift or a reminder that she is not invisible. I’m here to tell you it makes a difference.