Traveling Companions

We got wonderful news yesterday. My oncologist is new to our clinic. He is young, trained at Mayo, and on the lookout for cutting edge medicine. He also sounds like Ricky Ricardo. I love it.

He had planned for 18 weeks of chemo, using four different drugs that would pretty much atomic bomb my body. We met with him yesterday and he had a better plan. it turns out studies are showing that with my cancer type (HER2+ with negative lymph nodes), less is more. In over 400 patients studied, there is only one percent lower success rate using two drugs instead of the four. The regimen is much better tolerated and the side effects minimized. He took an hour to discuss the option with us, showing us the research. We agreed, readily.

Both surgeons agreed that my healing is coming along nicely, and I have permission to gently use my new exercise machine. I had five appointments yesterday, and all of them were encouraging. It was a really good day. I had feared exhaustion–instead, I had enough energy at the end of the day to take my youngest girl out for a burger.

As I sat waiting for an appointment, I updated various groups of people on messenger. Immediately, my phone and Larry’s started dinging. Person after person responded to the updates, giving a thumbs up or a comment of support and continued prayer. People rejoiced with us.

This is how the Body of Christ should function. A person in need tells others of their need, and asks for prayer and support. I have never been good at this. Most of us aren’t. Then, those asked to pray and support actually do. Both are equally important–if I want to meet needs, I have to know what needs there are. And, if I want support and to have my needs met, I must make my needs known. It’s a give-and-take, and at some point in every life, each will be necessary for healthy growth.

So I offer a HUGE shout-out to those who have been in my corner cheering me on, bringing meals, offering encouragement. We can’t travel this road without you. We still have a long way to go, and I pray you’ll stick with us. Y’all make great traveling companions.

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I'm a homeschool mom and the proud wife of a hard working farmer. We live in the sticks and drive 20 miles to a town of any size. I live to serve the One who saved my soul, and He daily loads me with blessings. I started this blog to share my journey through breast cancer. So far, I have only done a few warm up stretches, and I pray I will remain faithful and be an encouragement to others traveling this road with me. I know this journey will be rough, but I also know it will be perfect, because my God does all things well. I am not afraid.

3 thoughts on “Traveling Companions”

  1. A tuff road you’ve been on …we are thrilled the mend is happening with the prayers still flowing your way. God is good & you are a trooper.

    PS…..I gotta meet the ‘Blender’ guy sometime ….he’s on my bucket list. Love a guy that truly loves & cares for his wife, at all costs.


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