New Mercies

It’s a new day. They added a 5th drug to my cocktail and pain has been under control for about 10 hours. I slept very well. His mercies are new every morning.

Soon I will have a delicious breakfast (note my optimism), and a visit from a friend. It will be so nice to see her and she’s bringing Cheetos! An added bonus.

My roommate is from my town, and has been so sweet and helpful to me. I’m grateful that the Lord saw fit to put us together.

It’s gonna be a good day.

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I'm a homeschool mom and the proud wife of a hard working farmer. We live in the sticks and drive 20 miles to a town of any size. I live to serve the One who saved my soul, and He daily loads me with blessings. I started this blog to share my journey through breast cancer. So far, I have only done a few warm up stretches, and I pray I will remain faithful and be an encouragement to others traveling this road with me. I know this journey will be rough, but I also know it will be perfect, because my God does all things well. I am not afraid.

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